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Gabrielle is an experienced writer in all areas. Name it and she will write it: news, editorials, user guides, obituaries, poems, speeches, and more. This website has been crafted for you to learn more about Gabrielle’s work and capabilities. For more information, or to contact Gabrielle directly for freelancing, please click the button below.


As a staff writer for the award winning Collegian, journalism is Gabrielle’s passion. She is the recepient of Grove City College’s Green Eyeshade award for excellent investigative journalism.


With an eye for photography, Gabrielle has taken multiple photoshoot series using a Nikon D750. Due to her experience, she is knowledgeable in Photoshop.


Gabrielle has created posters, brochures, and advertisements and thus has immense knowledge on the industry’s leading software: InDesign, Illustrator and Microsoft Publisher.

I believe that Gabrielle would be an asset to any team she joins. Her upbeat demeanor brings energy to fellow employees and her willingness to learn makes her an excellent candidate.

Aaron Klemm, Summit Ministries

Gabrielle is extremely capable, a quick learner and has an excellent work ethic. She does not back down from tough assignments and has been nothing but professional in her day-to-day demeanor. This talented, young woman is not only incredibly dependable but also has outstanding interpersonal skills.

Professor Gregory Bandy, Grove City College


Gabrielle is a skilled writer with experience in sales, marketing, and other writing departments based in the New Jersey, Philadelphia area.

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