26 Best Waterfalls in New Jersey

When many think of New Jersey, they don’t often think of wide-open spaces and nature. However, New Jersey is home to some of the most beautiful hikes that feature dazzling waterfalls. We have compiled a list of where to see waterfalls in New Jersey. Though some are very popular, there are a couple of hiddenContinue reading “26 Best Waterfalls in New Jersey”

Memorial For a Loved One

It was a Tuesday night when George Tufte’s niece asked him a simple question, “Uncle George, is there anything you wish you did differently in life?”  And in true George-fashion he proceeded to tell her the story of his life. George Steven Tufte was born and raised in Staten Island, NY, where he lived mostContinue reading “Memorial For a Loved One”

“Goodbye Miss Samantha”

“People always tell you to never take the first job you interview for out of college,” Samantha Tai, the Children’s Outreach librarian said, “but taking this job was the best decision I have ever made.” After 21 years of serving the Vineland Public Library, Children’s Outreach Librarian, Samantha Tai, is leaving the branch to getContinue reading ““Goodbye Miss Samantha””

Calling All Filmmakers

(GROVE CITY, Pa) – Grove City College Communication Arts program is organizing its first student film festival and needs your films. The Lux Mea Film Festival will be premiering selected films at the Guthrie Theatre on April 30 and May 1.    The Lux Mea Film Festival is being conceptualized, developed and produced by a new Communication Arts class, Special Events and Promotions.  The class is taught by ProfessorContinue reading “Calling All Filmmakers”

Hymn Hubub

(GROVE CITY – Pa) – At the beginning of the semester, worship team’s coordinator, Matthew Montgomery, made adjustments to the singing portion of chapel, singing psalms and hymns only, to reflect this semester’s speaker series. According to junior Noel Elvin, Vesper’s guitar player and singer, at the beginning of the semester Montgomery explained to theContinue reading “Hymn Hubub”

Student Life and Learning Creates Report Showing Top Student Violations

GROVE CITY, Pa – Grove City College’s Student Life & Learning Office created an internal document at the end of last semester showing that the top student conduct violations of fall 2019 involved open hours and alcohol policies. According to the report, there were a total of 39 student conduct incidents that took place onContinue reading “Student Life and Learning Creates Report Showing Top Student Violations”

Council looks at diversity deficit

GROVE CITY, Pa – The new Grove City College President’s Council had its first meeting before students arrived in August.  Convening monthly, council members are working towards creating change for promoting a diverse community.  The purpose of the council is to “help guide recommendations in the development of strategic initiatives for the recruitment and retentionContinue reading “Council looks at diversity deficit”

See ya never

As the semester comes to a close, December graduates find themselves reflecting on their time at Grove City College and planning for the future. To celebrate their graduation, under normal circumstances, the McNulty’s would host the seniors at their home with dinner and a personal send-off.  However, because of COVID, the school rerouted the seniorsContinue reading “See ya never”