Typographic Layout

This design was created in my Design 101 class. The purpose of this project was to introduce students to typesetting and the orchestration of complex typographic systems. Throughout the entire process, we had to consider hierarchy, rhythm, balance, formal relationships both positive and negative, alignments, and effective use of contrast.

The students were instructed to design compositions that integrate complex type systems, careful grid implementation, as well as imagery and color. We created one 8×8 inch page layout for each of these three Modern Design Greats: Paul Rand, Massimo Vignelli, and SaulBass. Our content was provided and had to be included in its entirety in each design. Only one graphic could be used per layout, and only one color other than black or gray may be used per layout. One layout must have all content flush left (FL) only, one must be flush right (FR) only, and our third layout must have a combination of both FL and FR content. No type was allowed to be justified or centered. We may only use Acumin Pro via Adobe Fonts. Our designs were submitted as InDesign packages.

This design was my FR submission about Massimo Vignelli. I researched his history for inspiration and crafted my layout based on his style.

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